Seafood Towers

Nashoba … 40  Wachusett …75

quick start

clam chowder …8
smoked bacon, red bliss, oyster crackers

‘award winning’ GRK chili ...10
made in-house daily

lobster guacamole ...21  <cbgf>
bacon lardons, warm chips


baby arugula …6 <cbgf>
lemon thyme vinaigrette, parmesan reggiano

*chopped Caesar …8 <cbgf>
 challah parmesan crumbs, anchovy dust

grilled steak salad ...21<cbgf>
grilled bavette steak, arugula tossed w/ cherry tomatoes, red onions,                                             crispy onion strings, blue cheese dressing

chopped & tossed Cobb ... 15
grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, cumber, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs,                                      cheddar, balsamic & shallot vinaigrette

seared rare tuna salad ...16
over leafy greens, avocado, red onion, snap peas,                                                                                white miso & sesame dressing

add to any salad…
>crispy sesame shrimp 7
>grilled chicken 5

main ingredients

*’baha’ white fish tacos …15 <cbgf>
cabbage slaw, guacamole

GRK steak burger ...14
VT cheddar, brioche bun, GRK fries, burger mayo

add maple bacon $1.5  …  add local farm egg $1.5

the warm roast beef sandwich …13
½ lb house rare roast beef, dipped in hot au jus'. horseradish sauce,                                                  spicy BBQ, USA cheese & crispy onion strings

build a'sticky'  brown rice bowl  <cbgf>
snap peas, kale, jalapeno, broccolini, cilantro, cashews, Panang coconut sauce

smoked tofu …14
chicken or steak stir-fried …15
crispy orange shrimp …17

tuna melt ...14
white albacore tuna, minced pickles, red onion, celery,                                                                  house-mayo, marble rye, aged cheddar

salmon burger 'Rachel' ...14
marble rye, cole-slaw, thousand island, sweet potato tots

grilled chicken 'BLT' …13
roast garlic aioli, GRK  fries

smoked & pulled pork sandwich …15
apple cider-vinegar sauce, Martin's potato bun, coleslaw, pickles


Idaho fries > hand cut …5 <truffle it $3>
sweet potato tater-tots > chipotle aioli …6
seasonal veggies > ‘ask your server’ …6
Brussel’s sprouts > goat cheese, lardons …6
baby arugula salad > lemon thyme vinaigrette ...5

<cbgf> means these menu items are or 'can be modified' to be gluten free